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ON 29TH AUGUST 1945 Oliver Millar visited Audley End, Essex, three years before Lord Braybrooke sold the great Jacobean house to the Ministry of Works. He made notes on its paintings in the first of forty-nine journals that over the next sixty years were to record his travels to public and private collections, exhibitions and auction sales in the United Kingdom and abroad. 

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Florine Stettheimer. New York and Toronto

THERE ARE PAINTERS, and then there are painters’ painters. Many become the former; only a few become the latter. It is a rarefied community, and one that Florine Stettheimer – a wealthy, queer, Jewish New Yorker who painted her friends and family in her palatial midtown home – has dominated for the past century.

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    The provenance and function of a tabernacle by Paolo Schiavo in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

    By Andrew Chen
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    From building to print: Giovanni Giacomo de’ Rossi and the making of architectural books

    By Angelamaria Aceto
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    Gustave Moreau and the theatre

    By Peter Cooke
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    The Tunisian sources of Kandinsky’s ‘Improvisation on mahogany’

    By Emily Christensen
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    Picasso’s portraits of Isabel Rawsthorne

    By Carol Jacobi
  • Kandinsky: The Elements of Art. By Philippe Sers

    By Christopher Short
  • Dufy: le bonheur de vivre. Edited by Fanny Guillon-Laffaille, Olivier Le Bihan, Cécile Navarra and Anne Devroye-Stilz

    By Sarah Whitfield
  • Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry in Paint. By Mary Jacobus

    By Tony Godfrey
  • Jacques-François Blondel. Un architecte dans la ‘République des Arts’. Etude et edition de ses ‘Discours’. Edited by Aurélien Davrius

    By Robin Middleton
  • Gustave Caillebotte: Painting the Paris of Naturalism, 1872–1887. By Michael Marrinan

    By Samuel Raybone
  • Frank Dicksee, 1853–1928: His Art and Life. By Simon Toll

    By Richard Ormond
  • Il Maestro di Ozieri: Le inquietudini nordiche di un pittore nella Sardegna del Cinquecento. By Maria Vittoria Spissu

    By David Ekserdjian
  • St Jacob’s, Antwerp: Art and Counter Reformation in Rubens’s Parish Church. By Jeffrey Muller

    By Hans Vlieghe
  • Genre paintings in the Mauritshuis. By Edwin Buijsen, Quentin Buvelot and Ariane van Suchtelen

    By Wayne E. Franits
  • Venezia e Parigi, 1600–1700. La pittura veneziana e la Francia: fortuna e dialoghi. By Laura de Fuccia

    By Beverly Louise Brown
  • Gardens of Court and Country: English Design 1630–1730. By David Jacques

    By Todd Longstaffe-Gowan
  • Giancarlo Vitali. Milan

    By David Anfam
  • documenta 14. Athens and Kassel

    By Julian Stallabrass
  • Robert Rauschenberg. London and New York

    By Catherine Craft
  • Florine Stettheimer. New York and Toronto

    By Matthew J. Abrams
  • Irving Penn. New York, Paris and São Paulo

    By Colin Westerbeck
  • Gauguin. Chicago and Paris

    By Elizabeth C. Childs
  • Queer British Art. London

    By Simon Martin
  • Sargent’s watercolours. London

    By Kathleen Adler
  • Dreamers awake. London

    By Matthew Cheale
  • The National Gallery of Ireland. Dublin

    By Michael Hall
  • André Breton. Villeneuve d’Ascq

    By Gavin Parkinson
  • Doccia porcelain sculpture. Florence

    By Aileen Dawson
  • Picasso’s path to ‘Guernica’. Madrid

    By Gijs van Hensbergen