Britain’s Lost Masterpieces

Fifteen years ago, a new television channel, BBC4, was launched in the United Kingdom with a remit for broadcasting on intellectually challenging subjects. From the beginning, the visual arts were prominent and after a rather wobbly start – a film on Goya by Robert Hughes is said to have had only 15,000 viewers – the channel’s numerous documentaries on art-historical subjects have often won both popular and critical esteem. 



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Turner Prize. Hull & Frieze. London

All four artists nominated for this year’s Turner Prize, whose work is on view at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull (to 7th January 2018), are painters in some form.1 Hurvin Anderson makes saturated landscapes and interiors comparable to those of Peter Doig; Lubaina Himid paints black figures onto crockery, newspapers and canvas to create an alternative and more equitable cultural history; and Andrea Büttner is a printmaker whose installation combines her iPad paintings with reappropriated German educational boards devoted to Simone Weil. 


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    The use of medals and plaquettes in decorative objects: a set of Renaissance casket panels at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

    By Jeremy Warren
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    A Bernini workshop drawing for a tomb monument

    By Franco Mormando
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    A nymphaeum for the Villa Salviati at Ponte alla Badia in Florence

    By Oronzo Brunetti
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    Eliza Macloghlin and Alfred Gilbert’s ‘Mors janua vitae’

    By Keren Hammerschlag
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    The full power of the Reformation: anniversary exhibitions in Germany

    By Bridget Heal
  • A Bernini workshop drawing for a tomb monument

  • La collezione dei bronzi del Museo Civico Medievale di Bologna. By Mark Gregory d’Apuzzo

    By Jeremy Warren
  • Colour: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts. Edited by Stella Panayotova

    By Rowan Watson
  • Gothic Sculpture in America, III, The Museums of New York and Pennsylvania. Edited by Joan A. Holladay and Susan L. Ward

    By Paul Williamson
  • Quale Francesco? Il messaggio nascosto negli affreschi della Basilica superiore ad Assisi. By Chiara Frugoni

    By Donal Cooper
  • The Bargello Palace: The Invention of Civic Architecture in Florence. By Amee Yunn

    By John Paoletti
  • Giacinto Brandi (1621–1691). Catalogo ragionato delle opera. By Guendalina Serafinelli

    By Francesca Cappelletti
  • Académie Royale: A History in Portraits. By Hannah Williams

    By François Marandet
  • People, Places and Piazzas: The Life and Art of Charles Hodge Mackie. By Pat Clark

    By Kenneth McConkey
  • David Smith in Two Dimensions: Photography and the Matter of Sculpture. By Sarah Hamill

    By Jo Applin
  • Leonora Carrington and the International Avant-garde. Edited by Jonathan P. Eburne and Catriona McAra

    By Robert Radford
  • Donald Judd Writings. Edited by Flavin Judd and Caitlin Murray

    By Alistair Rider
  • Turner Prize. Hull & Frieze. London

    By Martha Barratt
  • Henri Matisse. London

    By Sarah Whitfield
  • Wyndham Lewis. Manchester

    By Anna Gruetzner Robins
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites. Edinburgh

    By David Cowan
  • Vermeer and the masters of genre painting. Paris, Dublin and Washington

    By Christopher Brown
  • Anders Zorn. Paris

    By Christopher Riopelle
  • De Stijl. The Hague, Utrecht, Otterlo and Margate

    By Michael White
  • Giuliano da Sangallo. Florence

    By Caroline Elam
  • Caroline Murat. Ajaccio

    By Xavier F. Salomon
  • Mark Tobey. Venice and Andover

    By David Anfam
  • Picasso and primitive art. Paris, Kansas City and Montreal

    By Joshua I. Cohen
  • Cuban art since 1950. Houston and Minneapolis

    By Edward J. Sullivan