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Search Illustrations

Search Tips

  • Select Illustration for illustrations and figures.

  • Select A to Z to display lists in alphabetical order

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to display results

How to search in Illustration

To select a field click on the drop-down menu In the field

  • Everywhere searches in every field (Illustration Caption, Artists, Media, Classification)

  • Illustration Caption searches for words from all illustration captions in the Burlington Magazine

  • Artists searches for all the artists and schools related to the illustrations in the Burlington Magazine

  • Media searches for all media and materials associated with the indexed illustrations of the magazine

  • Classification limits the search to Attributed and Unattributed works

  • Artists can be refined by the dropdown list Filter by: artist/by, artist/after, artist/attributed to, artist/circle of, artist/design by, artist/firm, artist/formerly attributed to, artist/imitator of, artist/mark of, artist/photographer, artist/publisher, artist/school of, artist/style of, artist/tentatively attributed to, artist/with pupils, artist/workshop of, school

  • A search for Artists can be linked to the Getty ULAN Thesaurus to cover alternative spellings of artists names. To use this option, tick in the ULAN box under Thesaurus.

  • Searches in the field Classification can be refined by clicking on Find and choosing from the drop-down menu

  • Classification can be refined by clicking on Filter By and choosing Attributed works, Western Art Unattributed or Non-Western Art Unattributed works.

Example of uses of refined searches in illustration

Prints after Rembrandt (artist/after)
All masks in non-western art unattributed

How to proceed

To search for all prints after Rembrandt:

  • In the field: choose Artists
    Filter by: select Artist/after
    Search terms: type Rembrandt
    This will result in every work of art after Rembrandt

  • Add another search criteria by clicking on the add condition icon (a cross):
    In the field: select Media
    Word or Phrase: type Prints
    This will result in prints after Rembrandt.

  • How to proceed
    To search for non-western art masks
    In the field: choose Media
    Search terms; type masks
    This will result in every mask in the Burlington Magazine illustrations

  • Add another search criteria by clicking on the Add condition icon (a cross):
    In the field: select Classification
    Under Filter by: select Non western art unattributed
    This will result in all non-western unattributed masks.

Partial word search

Enter your term followed by an asterisk (*). For example, entering ‘Archit*' would return results for all records containing words beginning with ‘Archit', such as ‘Architect', 'Architects', ‘Architecture', and ‘Architectural'.

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