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Art of Enterprise: Israhel van Meckenem’s 15th-Century Print Workshop

Madison, USA

Chazen Museum of Art

Opened 18 Dec 2023

Until 24 Mar 2024

Mark Rothko

Paris, France

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Opened 18 Oct 2023

Until 2 Apr 2024

Jonathan Baldock: Touch Wood

West Bretton, UK

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Opened 23 Sep 2023

Until 14 Apr 2024

Elmgreen & Dragset: READ

Prague, Czech Republic

Kunsthalle Praha

Until 22 Apr 2024

Frans Hals

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Opened 16 Feb 2024

Until 9 Jun 2024

Sargent and Fashion

London, UK

Tate Britain

Opened 22 Feb 2024

Until 7 Jul 2024

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Making Space: Photographs of Architecture

Architecture is a record of human life past, present, and future – we are all intrinsically linked to it. Making Space will explore how architecture impacts people’s lives. A poor built environment exacerbates inequality, but architecture has the power to address social issues including homelessness, poverty and displacement. It will also consider how the built environment has a significant role to play in creating a more sustainable future. Architecture has also been an enduring theme in the story of photography. Visually engaging and physically static, buildings were the perfect subjects for early photographic experiments. In around 1826, French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first known photographic image – it was of the rooftops visible from his studio. Inspired by this and the wealth of incredible material in the national photography collection comes an exhibition which celebrates the connection between people and the spaces they exist in. 


Closing soon

Edinburgh, UK

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Opened 7 Oct 2023

Until 3 Mar 2024

Nicolas Party and Rosalba Carriera

The Frick Collection presents a site-specific installation by the Swiss-born artist Nicolas Party (b. 1980) that combines Rosalba Carriera’s Portrait of a Man in Pilgrim’s Costume with an ensemble of pastel works of Party’s own devising. The installation, in the Italian Galleries on the third floor of the museum’s temporary home, Frick Madison, juxtaposes Rosalba Carriera’s portrait, a spectacular eighteenth-century pastel bequeathed to the Frick in 2020 by Alexis Gregory, with a suite of works by Party, all created using pastel. The installation places three portraits – the one by Rosalba and two by Party – in the context of three ephemeral pastel murals depicting swathes of drapery inspired by the work of the eighteenth-century artists Jean-Étienne Liotard and Maurice-Quentin de La Tour. As an ensemble, the installation focuses on themes of concealment and disclosure. 

Closing soon

New York, USA

The Frick Collection

Until 3 Mar 2024

All Stars: American Artists from The Phillips Collection

All Stars: American Artists from The Phillips Collection showcases American art from the Washington D.C.-based The Phillips Collection. These landmark works encompass more than 140 years of unexpected visual conversations between American artists about what connects us as humans. With works by more than 50 artists including Benny Andrews, Arthur G. Dove, Childe Hassam, Jacob Lawrence, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, and more, the show explores American art from the birth of the modernist spirit at the end of the nineteenth century through post-war American painting in the mid-twentieth century and into the twenty-first century, with artists exploring the important issues of today.

Closing soon

Denver, USA

Denver Art Museum

Opened 12 Nov 2023

Until 3 Mar 2024

Living Letters: Correspondence Then and Now

For centuries letters have been key vehicles of human communication. This exhibition explores correspondence from the medieval period to the present and celebrates the letter’s enduring importance. It examines letters’ capacity to chronicle all stages and aspects of human life – from birth to death – and to capture both the personal and the professional. It reveals how they are powerful in their abilities to connect with and impact on the lives of others. It illuminates how letters are also deeply vulnerable, fragile objects whose preservation is liable to the vicissitudes of time, fashion and chance.

Closing soon

Nottingham, UK

Lakeside Arts

Until 3 Mar 2024

Nengi Omuku: The Dance of the People and the Natural World

The Dance of People and the Natural World will not only introduce Omuku’s work to a wider UK audience, but also seeks to broaden the exposure and awareness of the vibrant contemporary Nigerian art scene.​ Displaying more than ten pieces​, the show spans five of Hastings Contemporary’s eight galleries, and includes works made between 2021 and 2023 that explore Omuku’s love of nature and the ways in which it provides her with a sense of safety and serenity. From 2021’s Lighthouse through to her latest, as yet to be titled work made this year (2023), the series focuses on a sense of re-immersion in nature. As Omuku explains: 'This comes from both a personal place, telling my story as a gardener and florist, as well as what I feel is a collective leaning, and re-communion with nature today.'

Closing soon

Hastings, UK

Hastings Contemporary

Opened 7 Oct 2023

Until 3 Mar 2024

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