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What’s on

Sargent and Fashion

London, UK

Tate Britain

Opened 22 Feb 2024

Until 7 Jul 2024

Ruth Asawa Through Line

Houston, USA

Menil Drawing Institute

Opened 22 Mar 2023

Until 21 Jul 2024

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time

Edinburgh, UK

Modern (Modern One)

Until 1 Sep 2024

Art Without Heroes: Mingei

London, UK

William Morris Gallery

Opened 23 Mar 2024

Until 22 Sep 2024

Rebecca Horn

Munich, Germany

Haus der Kunst

Opened 26 Apr 2024

Until 13 Oct 2024

Thinking Small: Dutch Art to Scale

Boston, USA

Museum of Fine Arts

Until 3 Nov 2024

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Matthew Krishanu

Matthew Krishanu’s (b. 1980, Bradford, UK) major exhibition will include both paintings and works on paper. The artist’s atmospheric, pared-back compositions depict scenes from his life, including his childhood years in Bangladesh growing up with his brother and their parents who were Christian missionaries. Seemingly familiar narratives are alluded to but destabilised, and the viewer’s own projections are called upon to fulfill the interpretive loop, raising questions about childhood, religion, race, power and the legacies of empire. Working in series, one painting segues into the next as a natural telling of the artist’s own journey through the joys and sorrows of life, with deeply personal subject matter that speaks to the human condition in all its complexity.

Closing soon

London, UK

Camden Art Centre

Opened 12 Apr 2024

Until 23 Jun 2024

Andrew Omoding

Andrew Omoding (b. 1987, Uganda) was Artist-in-Residence at Camden Art Centre in 2019. Following the success of his open studio he is returning to Gallery 3 for his first major solo exhibition in London. Working site-responsively, his largely autobiographical works emerge intuitively—reclaiming abandoned materials from his immediate surroundings, Omoding layers, weaves, threads, binds and wraps them into vibrant assemblages of contrasting colour, texture and form.

Closing soon

London, UK

Camden Art Centre

Opened 23 Apr 2024

Until 23 Jun 2024

Munch and Kirchner: Anxiety and Expression

Featuring more than sixty works on paper, this exhibition is the first to examine the prints of Edvard Munch alongside those of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, elucidating the fascinating overlaps in their creative output and personal biographies and demonstrating how these artists suffered from – and attempted to cope with – the anxieties of their age. Both Munch and Kirchner were experimental printmakers who exploited the perceptual and emotional power of color and abstraction for creative expression.

Closing soon

New Haven, USA

Yale University Art Gallery

Opened 16 Feb 2024

Until 23 Jun 2024

Jacqueline Poncelet: In the Making

The solo exhibition surveys fifty years of work by acclaimed artist Jacqueline Poncelet. Poncelet’s work is characterised by a restless exploration of materials and making that is evident throughout her practice. As an artist she is fascinated by how tastes and fashions play out in the ways that humans dress, decorate living spaces, shape architecture and build infrastructures.

Closing soon

Middlesbrough, UK

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA)

Opened 1 Feb 2024

Until 23 Jun 2024

Bruegel to Rubens: Great Flemish Drawings

From Pieter Bruegel’s remarkable print designs and landscapes and Rubens’s first sketches to heartfelt friendship albums shared between artists, this major exhibition presents drawings from many of the Flemish masters, rarely seen in public. The exhibition will show one hundred and twenty drawings, with over thirty on display for the first time.

Closing soon

Oxford, UK

Ashmolean Museum

Opened 23 Mar 2024

Until 23 Jun 2024

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