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Jack B. Yeats, Painting and Memory

Dublin, Ireland

National Gallery of Ireland

Opened 4 Sep 2021

Until 6 Feb 2022

Fragmented Illuminations: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript Cuttings

London, UK

Victoria and Albert Museum

Until 8 May 2022

Helmet Newton: Legacy

Berlin, Germany

Museum für Fotographie

Opened 31 Oct 2021

Until 15 May 2022

Pissarro: Father of Impressionism

Oxford, UK

Ashmolean Museum

Opens 18 Feb 2022

Until 12 Jun 2022

Radical Landscapes

Liverpool, UK

Tate Liverpool

Opens 5 May 2022

Until 4 Sep 2022

Rodin's Hands

Philadelphia, USA

The Rodin Museum

Opened 4 Feb 2021

Until 31 Dec 2023

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Marinella Senatore, Make It Shine

This is the first solo exhibition that the gallery dedicates to Marinella Senatore, one of Italy’s most internationally renowned artists. In the dynamics of exchange and sharing, Senatore has found the cornerstone of her artistic research. Known for her participatory practice, over the course of more than two decades, she has been the author of numerous multidisciplinary projects, among others, in São Paulo, Berlin, Rome, Graz and Amsterdam, which focus on the human relationships between the artist and the communities she involves in her work.

Closing soon

Turin, Italy


Opened 2 Nov 2021

Until 29 Jan 2022

Sutapa Biswas, Lumen

Spanning the artist’s extensive career, this will be the first substantial solo show in 14 years of British Indian artist Sutapa Biswas (b. 1962). The show will foreground Biswas’s vital contributions to the Black Arts Movement in Britain and to the shifting understanding of post-war British art. Biswas’s works visually disrupt, challenge and reimagine our present time: visual theorist Griselda Pollock said that it was Biswas who ‘forced us all to acknowledge the Eurocentric limits of the discourses within which we practise’. Including the seminal Housewives with Steak-Knives (1985) and Kali (1984), the exhibition will also demonstrate the richness, diversity and conceptual continuity of the artist’s extended practice through the display of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and video.

Closing soon

Cambridge, UK

Kettle's Yard

Opened 16 Oct 2021

Until 30 Jan 2022

Frans Hals: The Male Portrait

The Wallace Collection celebrates Frans Hals’s most famous and beloved painting, The Laughing Cavalier, painted in 1624. Since it entered the Wallace Collection in 1865 as the only work by Hals, this iconic image has never been seen together with other works by the artist, and will form the centrepiece of the exhibition. In the first ever show to focus solely on Hals’s portraits of men posing on their own, The Laughing Cavalier will be showcased alongside other great male portraits by Hals in order to explore his highly innovative approach to male portraiture in particular, from the beginning of his career in the 1610s until the end of his life in 1666.

Closing soon

London, UK

The Wallace Collection

Opened 22 Sep 2021

Until 30 Jan 2022

Under the Open Sky: Traveling with Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münther

Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter—we know them as leading figures of the Blue Rider. Yet the two were close collaborators for years before the artists' group was founded. The exhibition undertakes a pioneering reconstruction of their itinerant life between 1902 and 1908. The pair traveled widely and light, working under the open sky to create paintings in small formats and photographs. Oil sketches produced right in front of the motifs and photographs show scenes and sceneries in and around Kallmünz, Rotterdam, Tunis, Rapallo, Paris, and other destinations.

Closing soon

Munich, Germany


Until 30 Jan 2022

Martine Syms, Neural Swamp / Future Fields Commission

Martine Syms is the inaugural recipient of the Future Fields Commission in Time-Based Media, an initiative that supports the creation of innovative new work in video, film, performance, and sound by emerging artists. The commissioned work, Neural Swamp, builds on her interest in the proliferation, circulation, and consumption of images, as well as her continued research into machine systems that erase, or make invisible, Black bodies, voices, and narratives.


Closing soon

Turin, Italy

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Opened 5 Nov 2021

Until 30 Jan 2022

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