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Burlington Conference

The Art Market Past and Present: Lessons for the Future?

A conference on relations between the art market in history and the art market today, organized by Sotheby's Institute of Art – London and The Burlington Magazine, to be held at Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London on Friday 31 October 2014.

Registration will open on

Registration will open on: MONDAY 8th SEPTEMBER



Friday 31 October:

Networks and Agents

Day chaired by: Barbara Pezzini, The Burlington Magazine

Session 1: Networks and Globalization

Respondent: Anna Dempster

Hans J. Van Miegroet – Global Trade Networks, Art Export and the Emergence of New Markets for Mass-Produced Imagery in the Americas

Christel Force – Evolution of the Market for Blue-and-Rose-Period Picassos before World War II TBC

Georgina Bexon – Indian Contemporary Art: the Effects of Globalization in an Evolving Art Market


Session 2: The Market, Connoisseurship and the Academy

Respondent: Christopher Maxwell

Antoinette Friedenthal – John Smith, his Rembrandt Catalogue Raisonné and the Value of Provenance

Lynn Catterson – Stefano Bardini and the Art of Dealing Art

Laetitia Masson – The Old Master Drawings’ Market, Past, Present and Future: What to Expect from a Specialized Market Today

Jeremy Howard – Duveen versus Colnaghi and Knoedler: the Case of the ‘overpainted’ Holbein


Session 3: Collectors

Respondent: Nicola Pickering

Sebastian de Vivo – Display of Art/Display of Self: Pierre Crozat and the Transformation of Magnificence

Heike Zech – The Thrill of the Chase: Sir Arthur Gilbert (1913–2001) as Collector

Chris Ingram – The Ingram Collection: the Journey of a 21st Century Collector


Session 4: Dealers

Respondent: John Martin

Claartje Rasterhoff and Filip Vermeylen – Mediators of Trade and Taste: Early Modern Dealers and the European Art Market

Titia Hulst – Leo Castelli’s Innovation: Creating Value in the Primary Market for Avant-garde Art

Agnès Penot – Becoming a Branded Dealer in the 19th Century: the Example of La Maison Goupil


Saturday 1 November:

Strategies of Sales and Display

Day chaired by: Jonathan Woolfson, Sotheby’s Institute of Art - London

Session 1: Market Strategies

Respondent: Jeffrey Boloten

Michelle O’Malley – Botticelli and Market Strategies in Late Fifteenth-Century Florence

Maria Elena Versari – Selling the Avant-Garde: Italian Futurism in the Art Market

Frances Fowle – Marketing Impressionism: Paul Rosenberg’s 1922 Exhibition

Patrizia Thuy Vi Koenig – Fabricating Value: the Limited Edition of Photography in Past and Present


Session 2: Museums and Exhibitions

Respondent: Amy Mechowski

Leanne Zalewski – ‘Choice Imported Pictures’: European Art in New York Auctions, Private Galleries and Museums in the 1880s

Joanna Smalcerz – Wilhelm von Bode and his Networks of Contacts in the Art Market for Old Masters Sculpture in Europe around 1900

Johannes Nathan – The First ‘Documenta’: a Selling Exhibition?


Session 3: Auction Houses

Respondent: Tom Christopherson

Elizabeth Pergam – Selling Pictures: the Value of Auction Catalogue Illustrations

Lukas Fuchsgruber – The Creation of the Hôtel Drouot Auction House in 1852: a New Space for the Discourse of Art and Value


For further information please email is at artmarketconference@burlington.org.uk