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Article (6)

Kenneth Clark at Tate Britain

By Caroline Elam

A review article of the exhibition Kenneth Clark: Looking for Civilisation at Tate Britain, London (to 10th August).

A newly discovered portrait of Louis XII by Jean Bourdichon

By Nicholas Herman

A newly discovered portrait miniature of Louis XII (c.1498–1505) by the court artist Jean Bourdichon.

Andrea del Sarto’s Madonna at Opocno

By Jana Zapletalová

A recently restored painting of the Virgin and Child (c.1520–21) by Andrea del Sarto in Opocno is discussed as the possible original on which several later copies were based.

Giovanni Bielato and Murillo

By Lucy Davis

The Genoese merchant and collector Giovanni Bielato is discussed in relation to several paintings by Bartolomé Estebán Murillo.

Jules Dalou’s royal commissions from Queen Victoria

By Philip Ward-Jackson

A discussion of works by Jules Dalou commissioned by Queen Victoria, including a commemorative sculpture made for the private chapel at Windsor (1878).

Two Mondrian exhibitions

By Jeremy Lewison

An extended review of two exhibitions on Piet Mondrian: Mondrian and Colour at Turner Contemporary, Margate (to 21st September), and Mondrian and his Studios at Tate Liverpool (to 5th October).

Book Review (10)

Catalogue of Early Netherlandish Painting: Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. The Flemish Primitives VI: The Bernard van Orley Group, A. Galand

Reviewed by Iain Buchanan

Art and the Relic Cult of St Antoninus in Renaissance Florence, S.J. Cornelison

Reviewed by Roberto Cobianchi

Painting Under Pressure. Fame, Reputation and Demand in Renaissance Florence, M. O’Malley

Reviewed by Nathaniel Silver

Francisco de Hollanda: On Antique Painting, A. Sedgwick Wohl, ed.

Reviewed by Charles Dempsey

André le Nôtre in Perspective, P. Bouchenot-Dechin and G. Farhat, eds.

Reviewed by Todd Longstaffe-Gowan

The Buildings of England. North­amptonshire, B. Bailey, N. Pevsner and B. Cherry

Reviewed by James P. Miller

Allan Ramsay. Portraits of the Enlightenment, M. Campbell

Reviewed by Martin Postle

Battersea: Survey of London, volumes 49 and 50, A. Saint

Reviewed by John Bold

Robert Willis (1800–1875) and the Foundation of Architectural History. Volume 8, The History of the University of Cambridge: Text and Studies, A. Buchanan

Reviewed by Chris Miele

Picasso and Truth, From Cubism to Guernica. (The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, Bollingen Series XXXV: 58), T.J. Clark

Reviewed by Neil Cox

Exhibition Review (11)

Henry Moore and contemporary art. Perry Green

Reviewed by Martha Barratt

Richard Wilson. New Haven and Cardiff

Reviewed by Duncan Robinson

IN 1982 THE Tate Gallery organised in conjunction with the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, and the National Museum Wales, Cardiff, an exhibition to mark the bicentenary of the death of Richard Wilson (1714–82). Subtitled ‘The Landscape of Reaction’, it, or rather the catalogue by David Solkin which accompanied it, raised a storm of protest. The Daily Telegraph led the charge, with an editorial under the headline ARCADIA LOST in ‘a morass of confusions and half-baked Marxist thinking [. . .] an insult to Wilson, the Tate and to art history’. Elsewhere, the judgment of the Tate’s Director was questioned for allowing such subversive ideas to invade the realm of eighteenth-cen­tury landscape painting. Yet little more than a decade later, in his magisterial introduction to the fifth edition of Ellis Waterhouse’sPainting in Britain, 1530–1790, Michael Kitson could write that ‘it is not easy to understand what all the fuss was about’, although he went on to chart the progress of that ‘revolution’ (his word) in the study of British Art which had taken place in the intervening years.

Les Gobelins. Paris

Reviewed by Helen Wyld

Lucio Fontana. Paris

Reviewed by Sarah Whitfield

Carrier-Belleuse. Compiègne

Reviewed by Melanie Vandenbrouck

The Council of Constance. Constance

Reviewed by Richard Stemp

Jacopo Ligozzi. Florence

Reviewed by Erika Langmuir

Other Primary Structures. New York

Reviewed by Alistair Rider

Glenn Brown. New York

Reviewed by John-Paul Stonard

Degas Cassatt. Washington

Reviewed by Richard Kendall

Impressionist France. Kansas City and Sain Louis

Reviewed by Richard R. Brettell

Obituary (2)

Seymour Slive (1920–2014)

By Christopher White

Vincenzo Pacelli (1939–2014)

By Arnauld Brejon de Lavergnée and Bruno Toscano

August 2014