Chairman of the Appeal Committee: The Lady Heseltine

Published monthly since it was founded by a group of prominent art historians in 1903, The Burlington Magazine continues to maintain the highest standards as the world’s leading publication devoted to art history. It is an invaluable record for museums, collectors and art historians and a unique educational source.  Since 1986 The Burlington Magazine has been a non-profit-making company with charitable status. It is owned jointly by The Burlington Magazine Foundation, which has charitable status in the United Kingdom, and the Burlington Magazine Foundation Inc., which has charitable status in the United States.

The Burlington Magazine is funded by subscriptions and advertising together with interest from an Endowment Fund. The appeal is seeking to raise funds to provide long term financial security for the Magazine.  Although both the reputation and the distribution of the Magazine are world wide, it can be difficult to balance the budget, and the fluctuating art market can present problems.  The Trustees and Directors are inviting your support. Please consider helping in the following ways:

Endowment Fund To provide necessary long term support to ensure the future of the Magazine, and to allow us to expand our activities in good years, an endowment fund has been established, with a target of £5 million. A number of substantial contributions and pledges have been received, but we are still far short of our endowment target. The Centenary Appeal is seeking Benefactors at £30,000/$60,000 and upwards, Supporters at £15,000/$30,000 and upwards, Contributing Institutions at £1,100/$2,200 and upwards (annual institutional donation), and Patrons at £1,000/$2,000 and upwards. Benefactors, Supporters and Contributing Institutions will appear on the Magazine’s masthead.

Contributors' photographic costs Traditionally, contributors to the Magazine have been expected to supply photographs and secure reproduction rights. This can be costly, especially when an artist’s work is still in copyright. The Magazine would like to build a fund to assist scholars when acquiring images and securing reproduction rights.

Thematic supplements The history of collecting has always been of particular importance to The Burlington Magazine. Your support will allow us to continue our long and important tradition of publishing supplements on recent acquisitions from various museums and galleries.

Sponsorship of a specific issue Should you be sympathetic to a specific genre of the arts, thematic issues such as Decorative Arts, Sculpture or Modern Art are available for sponsorship at £5,000 per issue.

Colour illustration Funds are needed to support colour reproduction in the Magazine, especially in articles relating to conservation of works of art, newly discovered paintings and in exhibition reviews. Funds raised will match support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

Scholarships Sponsorship of £2,500 per annum is needed to fund travel scholarships for research in the history of art through an association with the Francis Haskell Memorial Fund.

Advertising in the Magazine Support The Burlington Magazine by advertising in one or more issues. Please call Mark Scott on 020 7388 1228 for more information.

Subscribing to the Magazine Support The Burlington Magazine by becoming a subscriber or endowing a subscription to ensure that a needy academic institution receives regular copies of the magazine. Take out a subscription at a reduced introductory rate. Please call Claire Sapsford on 020 7388 1228, or email her for more information.

Translation Fund Articles received for publication in the magazine frequently require professional translation. Your support would allow the development of a fund to ensure the wider publication of these articles.

Promotional and Technological Development Contributions to the Magazine allow us to develop our computer technology and improve our promotional activities to ensure the sustainability of the Magazine and it’s production.

The Burlington Magazine annual reception By contributing to the costs of an annual Burlington reception, you can help us to greet and thank supporters, contributors, advertisers, friends and staff of the Magazine.

Donations Gifts to The Burlington Magazine Foundation and The Burlington Magazine Publications Ltd. are eligible for tax relief in the United Kingdom under the UK Gift Aid scheme, and to The Burlington Magazine Foundation Inc. in the United States under the 501 (c)3 ruling from the Internal Revenue Service.

Legacies The most tax efficient way of supporting The Burlington Magazine is by remembering us in your Will.  For further information on supporting The Burlington Magazine, please contact Kate Trevelyan, Managing Director. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7388 1228. Fax: +44 (0)20 7388 1229 Email: Kate