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May 2018

Vol. 160 | No. 1382


Money, money, Monet

Every few years the debate about admission charges to national museums and galleries in the United Kingdom starts up again, although it is rare that anyone contributes a new argument. It has surfaced once more thanks to the response to the entry fees for the National Gallery’s exhibition Monet and Architecture, which opened last month. For the first time, the gallery is charging more than £20 for entry – visitors during the week will pay £20 but this rises to £22 at weekends.

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Thomas Chippendale

MIES VAN DER ROHE observed in 1957 that ‘A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous’. Three hundred years ago, on 5th June 1718, Thomas Chippendale was baptised in All Saints, Otley, twelve miles north-west of Leeds. Thanks to the Chippendale Society, founded in 1965 ‘to promote the appreciation and understanding of the work of Thomas Chippendale Senior and Junior’, the centrepiece of the tercentenary celebrations is an exhibition, Thomas Chippendale: A Celebration of British Craftsmanship and Design 1718–1779, at Leeds City Museum ( to 9th June). 

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  • archimboldo-small

    Interpreting Arcimboldo: grotesque parodies or serious jokes?

    By Thomas Dacosta Kaufmann
  • claude-lorran-small

    Claude Lorrain: dances, pastorals and the early chronology

    By Marcel Roethlisberger
  • closterman-small

    Art as diplomacy: John Closterman’s portraits of Carlos II of Spain and his wife Queen Maria Anna of Neuburg

    By Gloria Martínez Leiva
  • portugese-priest-small

    Art and festivities in eighteenth-century Rome: letters from a Portuguese priest, 1721–22

    By Teresa Leonor M. Vale
  • modig-south-france-small

    The Modigliani Technical Research Study. Modigliani in the South of France

    By Annette King,Isabelle Duvernois,Joe Fronek,Joyce H. Townsend,Silvia A. Centeno
  • modig-late-portraits-small

    The Modigliani Technical Research Study. Modigliani’s late portraits

    By Silvia A. Centeno,Isabelle Duvernois,Anikó Bezur,Pedro H.O.V. Campos,Frauke V. Josenhans,Pablo Londero,Ana Gonçalves Magalhães,Márcia Rizzutto,Cynthia Schwarz
  • Kasper Monrad (1952–2018)

    By David Jackson
  • William B. Jordan (1940–2018)

    By Peter Cherry
  • Art in a Time of War: The Master of Morgan 453 and Manuscript Illumination in Paris during the English Occupation (1419–1435). By Gregory T. Clark

    By Catherine Yvard
  • Rugs in Late Medieval Siena; Carpet Studies 1300–1600. By Marco Spallanzani

    By Nicholas Penny
  • The Dawn of Christian Art in Panel Paintings and Icons. By Thomas F. Mathews with Norman E. Muller

    By Liz James
  • Felipe III de Velázquez: Donación de William B. Jordan. With contributions by John Elliott, Jaime García-Máiquez, M. Dolores Gayo, William B. Jordan and Javier Portús

    By Angela Delaforce
  • Il capriccio architettonico in Italia nel XVII e XVIII secolo. By Giancarlo Sestieri

    By Stéphane Loire
  • Un musée révolutionaire: Le Musée des Monuments français d’Alexandre Lenoir. Edited by Geneviève Bresc-Bautier and Béatrice de Chancel-Bardelot

    By Andrew McClellan
  • The Art of G.F. Watts. By Nicholas Tromans

    By Sally-Anne Huxtable
  • Alexei Jawlensky. Edited by Vivian Endicott Barnett

    By Anne Blood
  • A Class of Their Own: The Düsseldorf School of Photography. By Maren Polte & Photography and Germany. By Andrés Mario Zervigón

    By Jule Schaffer
  • Gurlitt: Status Report. With contributions by Matthias Freher, Georg Kreis, et al.

    By Monica Chojnacka