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August 2019

Vol. 161 | No. 1397



At the Yale Center for British Art

At the end of June Amy Meyers stepped down as Director of the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, after seventeen years. Her appointment in 2002 coincided with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of the Center in its purpose-built home on Chapel Street, designed by Louis I. Kahn.

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Ilya Repin. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Over the past decade the State Tretyakov Gallery has had great success in reviving the popularity of Russian painters of the pre-revolutionary era. So high was attendance at the Valentin Serov exhibition in 2016 that a new phrase was coined (‘to queue for Serov’ means to wait an awfully long time).

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Peer review in art history

By Sam Rose

A more recent development than is often realised, and historically imposed in a variety of ways, peer review is a fundamental but rarely discussed aspect of academic life. What impact does it have on publishing in art history?

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  • Peer review in art history

    By Sam Rose
  • Detail of the ceiling painting in the Red Velvet Room, Chiswick House

    Was Lord Burlington a Jacobite?

    By Alexander Echlin
  • Buenos Aires Cathedral

    Buenos Aires Cathedral in the eighteenth century

    By Gauvin Alexander Bailey
  • Sculptures of the Apostles and symbols of the Evangelists from the flèche of Notre-Dame

    The fate of Notre-Dame, Paris

    By Alexandra Gajewski,Michael Hall
  • St John the Evangelist

    New evidence for the ‘Barberini Apostles’ by Andrea Sacchi and Carlo Maratti

    By Giovan Battista Fidanza
  • Dead Christ supported by two angels

    ‘Mantegna and Bellini’ in London and Berlin

    By Caroline Campbell
  • Architects and Intellectual Culture in Post-Restoration England. By Matthew Walker

    By John Bold
  • Vesperbilder in Bayern von 1380 bis 1430 zwischen Import und einheimischer Produktion. By Ludmila Kvapilová

    By Matthias Weniger
  • Art and Miracle in Renaissance Tuscany. By Robert Maniura

    By Margherita Clavarino
  • Senza più attendere a studio e insegnamenti. Scritti su Caravaggio e l’ambiente caravaggesco. By Gianni Papi

    By John Gash
  • The Fabrication of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Trattato della pittura’. By Claire Farago, Janis Bell and Carlo Vecce

    By Anthony Colantuono
  • Gestatten Suermondt! Sammler, Kenner, Kunstmäzen. Edited by Peter van den Brink and Wibke Vera Birth

    By Thomas Tuohy
  • For America: Paintings from the National Academy of Design. Edited by Jeremiah William McCarthy and Diana Thompson

    By John P. Murphy
  • Looking at Men: Art, Anatomy and the Modern Male Body. By Anthea Callen

    By Satish Padiyar
  • Photography in Argentina: Contradiction and Continuity. Edited by Idurre Alonso and Judith Keller; and Revolution and Ritual: The Photographs of Sara Castrejón, Graciela Iturbide, and Tatiana Parcero. Edited by Mary Davis MacNaughton

    By Luciana Martins
  • Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Colour. Edited by Valerie Steele

    By Sanda Miller