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February 2021

Vol. 163 | No. 1415

Northern European Art


Banishing the blues

Fifteen years ago a clever British public-relations agency nominated the third Monday in January ‘Blue Monday’, on the basis that a combination of short days, cold weather, holiday-incurred debt and the failure of new year’s resolutions makes it the most depressing day of the year (in the northern hemisphere at any rate).

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When Eleanor Tufts published Our Hidden Heritage: Five Centuries of Women Artists in 1974, she lamented in concluding a short chapter on Artemisia Gentileschi that ‘despite all the recognition given to her paintings [...] no book has ever been written on this major artist of the seventeenth century’.

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  • image (64)

    Adam Elsheimer’s ‘The martyrdom of St Lawrence’ rediscovered

    By Tico Seifert
  • image (65)

    Anthonie Palamedes’s paintings for the Delft Surgeons’ Guildhall

    By Jochai Rosen
  • image (66)

    Drawings of Van Vianen silver in an eighteenth-century collection

    By Esther Van Der Hoorn
  • image (67)

    El Lissitzky as a furniture designer, 1925–30

    By Bennett Tucker
  • Rubens and Dirce, a source in plain sight

    By David Jaffé
  • New information about Jacques Jordaens’s portraits of Johannes I Wierts and his wife

    By Katharina van Cauteren
  • small obi

    J.R.J. van Asperen de Boer (1935–2020)

    By Arie Wallert