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February 2023

Vol. 165 | No. 1439

Northern Art and Artists


Wren 300

On 26th February 1923 the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) processed through the streets of London for a service in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral to commemorate the bicentenary of the death of Christopher Wren (1632–1723). Representatives of the architectural profession in the United States and France joined with the British to lay wreaths at Wren’s tomb. The RIBA has not announced any plans of its own for Wren’s tercentenary to match the 1923 ceremony but it is one of the organisations that under the aegis of the Georgian Group have combined to create an impressive programme of anniversary events, Wren 300.

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Vittore Carpaccio: Master Storyteller of Renaissance Venice

Rumours abounded at the opening of the Carpaccio exhibition that the National Gallery of Art, Washington, had called a moratorium on old master exhibitions and that this would be the last for the foreseeable future. If this unsubstantiated gossip is true then the gallery’s fifty-year history of stellar exhibitions has gone out with a bang not a whimper. Both the installation and the catalogue are exemplary and much of the credit is due to the careful guidance of the exhibition’s curator, Peter Humfrey.

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  • Johannes Claesz Loo (1577/78–1660)

    The Loo family of Haarlem in portraits by Hals and Verspronck

    By Pieter Biesboer
  • The Buccleuch portrait of Sir Nicholas Carew re-examined

    By Christine Slottved Kimbriel


  • New perspectives on Gérard Douffet in Italy and Malta

    By John Gash
  • James III and Queen Clementina

    Portraits of the exiled Stuarts by Scottish painters

    By Edward Corp
  • Hercules and the Nemean Lion

    A new catalogue of Rubens’s drawings

    By Jeremy Wood
  • The adoration of the Eucharist

    A rediscovered oil sketch by Peter Paul Rubens

    By Emilie den Tonkelaar
  • Christ carrying the Cross

    A new date for Anthony van Dyck’s free mastership

    By Justin Davies
  • Sleeping woman

    New light on the nineteenth-century history of Vermeer’s ‘A maid asleep’

    By Andrew M. WATSON
  • Katharine Lee Reid

    Katharine Lee Reid (1941–2022)

    By Susan Donahue Kuretsky
  • Making Modernism: Paula Modersohn-Becker, Käthe Kollwitz, Gabriele Münter and Marianne Werefkin

    By Christian Weikop
  • Islam in Europe: 1000–1250

    By Adeline Schwabauer
  • Alabaster

    By Anja Katharina Frisch
  • Vittore Carpaccio: Master Storyteller of Renaissance Venice

    By Beverly Louise Brown
  • Otro Renacimiento: Artistas Españoles en Nápoles a comienzos del Cinquecento

    By Piers Baker-Bates
  • Le Blason des temps nouveaux: Signes, emblèmes et couleurs dans la France de la Renaissance

    By Pascal-François Bertrand
  • Timeless Wonder: Painting on Stone in Rome in the Cinquecento and Seicento

    By Giulia Martina Weston
  • Io, Canova: Genio europeo

    By Francesco Leone
  • Joan Mitchell Retrospective Monet – Mitchell

    By Jeremy Lewison
  • Max Ernst

    By David Hopkins
  • Etel Adnan

    By Talia Kwartler