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July 2023

Vol. 165 | No. 1444

Italian art


At Tate Britain

It is now nearly a quarter of a century since Tate made the division of its displays between British art on Millbank and modern and contemporary art at Bankside. In that time, the permanent collection shown at Tate Britain has been comprehensively redisplayed four times. An Editorial in this Magazine in 2000 on Tate Britain’s inaugural hang criticised the decision to abandon chronology in favour of thematic groupings (such as ‘landscape’, ‘the nude’ and ‘city life’) in imitation of Tate Modern, and concluded, ‘the opportunity must be seized to present a comprehensive, well-paced, beautifully hung, chronologically based and intellectually coherent conspectus of the development of British art’

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Urban VIII and the Barberini

By Joseph Connors

On the 400th anniversary of the election of Maffeo Barberini as Pope Urban VIII, an exhibition at Palazzo Barberini, Rome, has brought together examples of the spectacular patronage of the arts for which he and his three nephews were responsible.

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  • Vision of the Blessed Sorore

    Castiglione Olona: a new chronology for the frescos of the Collegiata

    By Giulio Dalvit
  •  Panel of green velvet cloth of gold of tissue (three loom widths sewn together).

    A tale of two velvets in works by Jaume Huguet and Piero della Francesca

    By Lisa Monnas
  • 10. Detail of the Communion of the Apostles

    A sartorial portrait of Ottaviano Ubaldini della Carda by Piero della Francesca

    By Machtelt Brüggen Israëls


  • Lucrezia

    Painting on stone in Rome in the sixteenth century

    By Andrea Gianluca Donati
  • Madonna and Child with Sts Sebastian, Roch, Hilary and Blaise

    discoveries in the parma baptismal registers: ii Michelangelo Anselmi and Francesco Maria Rondani

    By Mary Vaccaro
  • The feast of Herod

    Donatello in Florence, Berlin and London

    By Alexander Röstel
  • 1. Maffeo Barberini

    Urban VIII and the Barberini

    By Joseph Connors