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February 2011

Vol. 153 | No. 1295

Art in Northern Europe


Not to be missed, 2011

‘You mustn’t miss it – it closes on Sunday’. How often we have heard this or said it. And how often, having failed to catch some important, revealing or enhancing exhibition, we offer a lame excuse – the queue was too long, there was a train strike – for not having experienced this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ show. We therefore offer here a selection of museum exhibitions to give readers advance warning of some of the potential delights of 2011. Of course it is not always easy to gauge the scope and depth of future shows. Museum press releases put their best foot forward, not always being strictly accurate in their recommen­dations of ‘groundbreaking’, ‘iconic’ and ‘innovative’ shows.

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February 2011, #1295 – Vol 153

Art in Northern Europe

  • An overlooked attribution to Jan Gossaert

    By Stijn Alsteens

    An attribution to Jan Gossaert of the drawing of An allegory of filial and parental love (c.1520s) in the British Museum, London.

  • ‘A singular design’: a newly discovered drawing by Jacques de Gheyn II

    By Machteld Löwensteyn

    A newly discovered drawing of a gathering of witches by Jacques de Gheyn II.

  • A case of mistaken identity: Rubens’s so-called ‘Constantine and Crispus’ oil-sketch in Sydney

    By Koenraad Brosens

    The subject-matter of an oil-sketch by Rubens in Sydney.

  • Dirck van Baburen’s ‘Achilles before the dead body of Patroclus’ acquired by the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Kassel

    By Gregor Weber

    A newly acquired painting by Dirck van Baburen in the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Kassel.

  • Ferdinand Voet and Coenraad Ruysch

    By Guido Jansen

    A portrait of the seventeenth-century patrician Conrad Ruysch is here attributed to Ferdinand Voet, who painted the portrait in Rome.

  • An unrecorded Emil Nolde at Harewood House

    By Anthony Peck,Heather Griffiths

    Two newly discovered watercolour portraits by Emil Nolde at Harewood House, Yorkshire.

  • Drawings by Rembrandt and his pupils

    An extended review of the exhibition Rembrandt and his Pupils, which was shown at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, in winter 2009–10.

  • Canaletto and his rivals. London and Washington

    By Alberto Craievich
  • Thomas Lawrence. London and New Haven

    By Nicholas Tromans
  • British Art Show 7. Nottingham, London, Glasgow and Plymouth

    By Christopher Griffin
  • Gabriel Metsu. Dublin, Amsterdam and Washington

    By John Loughman
  • Rietveld. Utrecht

    By Michael White
  • Courbet. Frankfurt

    By Felix Krämer
  • Picasso. Zürich

    By James Beechey
  • Félix Vallotton. Geneva

    By Jörg Zutter
  • Piranesi. Venice

    By Joseph Rykwert
  • Lucca in the Middle Ages. Lucca

    By Flavio Boggi
  • Jan Gossaert. New York and London

    By Jan Piet Filedt Kok
  • Thomas Gainsborough. Cincinnati and San Diego

    By Hugh Belsey
  • Blinky Palermo. Los Angeles, Washington and New York

    By Lucy Bradnock