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December 2020

Vol. 162 | No. 1413


A year of gifts

As 2020 makes its unlamented exit, everyone feels the need for some good news. Museums and art galleries around the world have suffered serious financial loss as a result of the pandemic and despite encouraging messages about a vaccine for covid-19 being imminent, there will be no major upturn in their fortunes until the summer. Yet throughout the past twelve months, they have continued to fulfil one of their core obligations, to collect. 

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Marie Cuttoli: The Modern Thread from Miró to Man Ray

The title of the exhibition Marie Cuttoli: The Modern Thread from Miró to Man Ray at the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia (closed 23rd August), may seem initially to announce its subject in fairly straightforward terms. Pioneering French textile designer and entrepreneur Marie Cuttoli (1879–1973) is the focus of the presentation and publication, whereas the ‘modern thread’ refers to her medium of tapestry.

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  • CHERRY_Velázquez_FIG09small

    A newly discovered ‘Immaculate Conception’ by Diego Velázquez

    By Peter Cherry
  • Rodriguez_Ortega_fig06small

    E.K. Waterhouse’s unpublished El Greco catalogue raisonné

    By Nuria Rodríguez Ortega
  • FAYOS-PEREZ_Goya_FIG06small

    Valentín Carderera and the dissemination of Goya’s graphic work in France

    By Paula Fayos-Perez
  • PENNY_Drapery_FIG23small

    Avatars of Antiquity II: Drapery as metaphor

    By Nicholas Penny
  • Paintings by Andrea Sacchi and Andrea Camassei for the Count of Monterrey

    By Francesco Rotatori
  • Four paintings in search of a provenance: gleanings from the Aldobrandini inventories

    By David Ekserdjian
  • ZOLLNER_fig04small

    Aby Warburg’s ‘Bilderatlas Mnemosyne’: systems of knowledge and iconography

    By Frank Zöllner
  • PISSARRO_Brettellsmall

    Richard Brettell (1949–2020)

    By Joachim Pissarro
  • In Sparkling Company: Reflections on Glass in the 18th-Century British World

    By Edward S. Cooke
  • The Treasure of Mü nster: precious reliquaries and works of art from the Domkammer

    By Charlotte Wytema
  • Jan Brueghel: A Magnificent Draughtsman

    By Luuk Pijl
  • Jean Ranc: Un Montpelliérain à la cour des rois

    By Christoph Martin Vogtherr
  • A Superb Baroque: Art in Genoa, 1600–1750

    By Anna Orlando
  • Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature, and Culture

    By Edward J. Sullivan
  • Une antiquité moderne

    By Ariane Varela Braga
  • Marie Cuttoli: The Modern Thread from Miró to Man Ray

    By Sarah Parrish
  • Life Magazine and the Power of Photography

    By Robert Silberman