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November 2020

Vol. 162 | No. 1412



The Tate Archive at fifty

In october 1970 The Burlington Magazine published an Editorial announcing the formal establishment of the Tate Archive. Although warmly welcoming the initiative, it lamented that Tate ‘has woken up to its obligations almost too late. Nowadays American universities are prepared to pay large sums for the archives of modern British art and the Tate has no 

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Making The Met: 1870–2020

During the 1918–19 Spanish flu epidemic, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, like other cultural organisations, remained open. In our more enlightened era, the museum closed in March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When it reopened in late August it could finally reveal the delayed exhibition celebrating its 150th anniversary, a handsome 

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  • smallAINSWORTH_Guillhomet_FIG02

    A sculpture of the Virgin Annunciate by Jean Guillaumet, called Jehan de Chartres

    By Maryan W. Ainsworth
  • smallEXTERMANN_DellaPorta_FIG07

    A statue of Marcantonio Colonna by Guglielmo della Porta

    By Grégoire Extermann
  • ARRANZ_ApolloCoach_FIG003

    The Apollo Coach by Cristoforo Schor

    By Raúl Martinez Arranz
  • Smallntitled-1

    Designs by John Gibson for the Gibson Gallery at the Royal Academy of Arts

    By Anna Frasca-Rath,Annette Wickham
  • small1Untitled-1

    Avatars of Antiquity I: From the nude warrior in Florence to the alien maiden in Piccadilly

    By Nicholas Penny
  • smallUntitled-3

    The reopening of the Dresden Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

    By Alexandra Gajewski
  • obituary4

    Alain Erlande-Brandenburg (1937–2020)

    By Elisabeth Taburet-Delahaye