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December 2023

Vol. 165 | No. 1449

Spanish art


The Picasso anniversary

Although the fact that Pablo Picasso is the most famous artist of the twentieth century – some would say now the most famous artist of all time – is ample reason to have celebrated on such a large scale the fiftieth anniversary of his death on 5th April 1973, the sheer quantity of commemorative events can also be explained as an explosion of energy by museums across the world, liberated from the constraints imposed by the pandemic.

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The Lost Mirror: Jews and Conversos in Medieval Spain

This exhibition, curated by Joan Molina Figueras, examines the image medieval Spanish Christians had of Jews and Jewish converts. It comprises a carefully chosen selection of seventy-one works of art that represent Jews and Judaism, created mainly by Christians between the thirteenth century and 1492, when the Jews were expelled from Spain. Its title needs some explanation. 

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  • The ceiling in Fig.8 shown in situ in the Torrijos Palace

    Four wooden ceilings from the Torrijos Palace, Toledo

    By Anna McSweeney,Mariam Rosser-Owen
  • Detail of Immaculate Conception,

    Alonso Cano’s rediscovered ‘Immaculate Conception’ for San Alberto, Seville

    By Benito Prieto Navarrete
  • Detail of Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta

    Goya’s ‘Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta’

    By Mercedes Céron-Peña
  • William Tell

    Biting satire: notes on Salvador Dalí’s ‘Debris of an automobile’

    By David Lomas
  • Edith Hoffmann

    Edith Hoffmann’s early years in England, 1934–38

    By Yonna Yapou-Kromholz
  • Eberhard W. Kornfeld

    Eberhard W. Kornfeld (1923–2023)

    By Johannes Nathan
  • Kavita Singh

    Kavita Singh (1964–2023)

    By Saloni Mathur