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January 2024

Vol. 166 | No. 1450

The Golden Age of Avignon


The Walpole Society

Ever since the Walpole Society was founded in London in 1911 ‘with the object of promoting the study of the history of British art’, The Burlington Magazine has taken a close interest in an organisation with aims and principles so close to our own: this is the sixth Editorial we have devoted to the subject. 

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Free review

China’s Southern Paradise: Treasures from the Lower Yangzi Delta

A dazzling array of art and handicrafts enlarges understanding of the cultural riches of Jiangnan from prehistory to the nineteenth century.

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  • Avignon, seen from the west


    By Alexandra Gajewski
  •  Crucifixion of St Peter. c.1277–80. Fresco.

    Avignon as 'nova Roma'

    By Claudia Bolgia
  • Detail of Fig.1

    Two music theory manuscripts reunited: book illumination in the circle of Matteo Giovannetti

    By Francesca Manzari,Jason Stoessel
  •  Detail of De la ville d’Avignon et par dela: Veüe de la Ville d’Avignon et des environs

    The Medieval Palace of the Commune in Avignon: a forgotten building

    By Simone Balossino
  •  Adoration of the Cross (Pérussis altarpiece)

    Italians in Avignon in the late fourteenth century: in search of the painters

    By Guido Castelnuovo
  • Three prophets

    Avignon around 1500: the workshop of Jean II Changenet

    By Frédéric Elsig
  • St Martial

    Matteo Giovannetti, the painter and his work: an assessment in the light of recent restorations

    By Dominique Vingtain
  • Allen Staley

    Allen Staley (1935–2023)

    By Charlotte Gere
  • David Mannings, photographed in 2009. (Courtesy Sue Mannings).

    David Mannings (1940–2023)

    By Brian Allen
  • China’s Southern Paradise: Treasures from the Lower Yangzi Delta

    By Lihong Liu
  • Journey into Crystal

    By Mariam Rosser-Owen
  • Dieric Bouts: Creator of Images

    By Katrin Dyballa
  • Venezia 500: The Gentle Revolution of Venetian Painting

    By Annette Hojer
  • The Inverted World of Adriaen van de Venne Ick soeck en vind: De schilderijen van Adriaen van de Venne

    By Luuk Pijl
  • Rubens & Women

    By Katlijne van der Stighelen
  • Spirit and Invention: Drawings by Giambattista and Domenico Tiepolo

    By William L. Barcham
  • Matisse, Derain, and Their Friends: The Parisian Avant-Garde 1904–1908

    By Louis Deltour
  • Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso: The Invention of Language

    By Silvia Loreti
  • Buffalo AKG Art Museum

    By Elizabeth Pergam