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May 2024

Vol. 166 | No. 1454

Art in France



The British Museum has recently mounted a small and rather underwhelming display about Graeco-Roman gems. This fascinating, although esoteric subject, would not normally attract large numbers of visitors. However, the display seems to have drawn a significant amount of attention. This must, in part at least, be because it has been used to exhibit a few recently recovered gems, which come from the group of about 2,000 objects, the loss of which was announced in a dramatic fashion last year, as part of a sequence of events that have had such a corrosive impact on the museum’s status.

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Exhibition Review

Roelant Savery’s Wondrous World

On display in the Mauritshuis is an intimate selection of carefully chosen works by Roelant Savery (1576/78–1639), forty-three in total, of which twenty-four are works on paper and nineteen are paintings. The small number of exhibits signals by no means a weakness of the show. At present, a total of three hundred paintings and 250 drawings are attributed to Savery, and more works are constantly emerging from lesser-known collections and are appearing on the art market. However, Savery’s later paintings fall short of the artistic qualities displayed in his early period and at the peak of his career, which are the focus here.

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‘The swing’ by Jean-Honoré Fragonard: new hypotheses

By Yuriko Jackall

Mystery surrounds the origins of Fragonard’s ‘The swing’, since its existence is not documented until 1782, fifteen years after it was painted. A conservation and research project undertaken at the Wallace Collection, London, has provided important new information about the painting’s early history and points to the probable identity of the man who commissioned it.

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  • Ferrante Loffredo, Marquess of Trevico.

    A medal of the Sun King by Claude I Ballin

    By Ludovic Jouvet
  • 1. Les hazards heureux de l’escarpolette

    ‘The swing’ by Jean-Honoré Fragonard: new hypotheses

    By Yuriko Jackall
  • Environs of Southampton

    The provenance of ‘The death of Sardanapalus’: new insights from unpublished correspondence

    By Andrew M. WATSON
  • Mustapha

    Dāvūd Gürcü, Ottoman refugee and Girodet’s first Mamluk model

    By Thadeus Dowad
  • The scale of love

    The paintings collection of Denis Mariette

    By Humphrey Wine
  • Studies of armour from the Meyrick Collection

    Delaroche in England: a revised dating

    By Stephen Duffy
  • Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild (‘Man in a Chair’)

    Jacob Rothschild (1936–2024)

    By Michael Hall