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June 2024

Vol. 166 | No. 1455

Qing afterlife


La Serenissima

Henry James famously wrote in his Italian Hours (1909) that there is nothing more to be said about Venice. As so much ink has been spilt over its charms you can see his point. However, James then proceeded to rhapsodise at length about its beauty; and it is imperative that we, similarly, keep talking and writing and championing it, not least because all that it represents seems to be more precious and precarious than ever.

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Exhibition Review

Sonia Delaunay: Living Art

Visionaries are fundamental to the avant-gardes that appeared in Europe in the inter-war years. Few, however, were as prescient, pragmatic and tactical as Sonia Delaunay (1885–1979). Over the past decade, the artistic achievements of the Ukrainian-born, Russian-educated and German-trained pioneer have been radically reappraised. Long celebrated for her contributions to histories of modernist textile and fashion, today, the ambitious entrepreneurial vision that steered her multifaceted practice is also being recognised.

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  • Impression of Intaglio depicting comic actors

    Nothing to do with Menander: a rediscovered Roman cameo from the Caylus Collection

    By Ittai Gradel
  • Inscribed standing Buddha.

    Reaching the Buddhist paradise: early images of Buddhas and bodhisattvas in Koguryŏ

    By Ariane Perrin
  • Abduction of Helen

    Expanding the oeuvre of the master metalsmith Orazio Fortezza

    By Flora Turner-Vučetić
  • Val-de-Grâce, Paris

    The Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-la- Conception, Pondicherry

    By Gauvin Alexander Bailey
  • Portrait of the Yongzheng Emperor in court dress.

    The art of Qing imperial afterlife: the ‘Pictures of ancient playthings’ (Guwantu 古玩圖) revisited

    By Ricarda Brosch
  • Frontispiece.

    Renaissance exhibitions in Paris

    By Nicholas Herman