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Vincent Van Gogh: His Life in Art

. A Van Gogh retrospective of over fifty works, drawn chiefly from the collections of the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, and the Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo; 10th March to 27th June.

Closing soon
Houston, USA
Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Until 27 Jun 2019
Aaron Kasmin: Showtime!

Aaron Kasmin returns to Sims Reed Gallery with his third exhibition inspired by American feature matchbooks. Bold. Dynamic. Energetic. Nostalgic. Showtime! Is the British artist's largest show to date, showcasing 31 vibrant drawings that depict a more diverse range of subject matter than his earlier work, transporting viewers back to the dynamism of a bygone America

Closing soon
London, UK
Sims Reed Gallery
Until 28 Jun 2019
Refuge: The Art of Belonging

Works by artists who emigrated to Britain as a result of Nazi occupation are on view here from 15th February to 29th June.

Closing soon
Kendal, UK
Abbott Hall Art Gallery
Until 29 Jun 2019
Hand in Hand: The artistic and spiritual life of Dame Werburg Welch

Hand in Hand is the first exhibition of artwork by Eileen Grace Welch, a Benedictine Nun who entered Stanbrook Abbey in 1915 having previously studied art. Often credited anonymously as a member of a religious order she corresponded with Eric Gill and practiced cutting edge artistic techniques of the Art Deco movement. She is a truly forgotten talent.

Closing soon
Ushaw College
Until 29 Jun 2019
The Invisible Forest

Gallery 46 presents The Invisible Forest, an exhibition of paintings by renowned Native Peruvian-Amazonian artists, addressing geopolitical and environmental issues of our time by celebrating cultural traditions that enrich and perpetuate healthy biodiversity.

Closing soon
London, UK
Gallery 46
Until 29 Jun 2019
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