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Parallels between the work of Picasso and Calder and explored through their treatment of negative space.

Closing soon
Paris, France
Musée national Picasso-Paris
Until 25 Aug 2019
Picasso and the Exodus: A history of Spanish art in resistance

An exhibition devoted to Picasso’s exile during the years of the Spanish Civil War includes the stage curtain The Corpse of the Minotaur in Harlequin Costume (1936); 15th March to 25th August.

Closing soon
Toulouse, France
Les Abattoirs
Until 25 Aug 2019
The German Revolution: Expressionist Prints

Prints from the collection by Dix, Nolde, Beckmann and others; 1st March to 25th August.

Closing soon
Glasgow, UK
Until 25 Aug 2019
Treasury! Masterpieces from the Hermitage
The first of two exhibitions marking the Amsterdam museum’s tenth anniversary includes major works drawn from numerous areas of the collections of the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg.
Closing soon
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Until 25 Aug 2019
Laura McCafferty, Drapes

Laura McCafferty has developed an interdisciplinary approach to her work, combining drawing, textiles and performance to ‘subtly mess with what’s expected’. An obsessive magpie, she gathers images from popular culture and art history as source material for drawings which begin to construct possible – but unresolved – narratives.

Closing soon
Nottingham, UK
Angear Visitor Centre, Nottingham Lakeside Arts
Until 25 Aug 2019
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