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The Medici: Portraits and Politics, 1512–1570

New York, USA

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Until 11 Oct 2021


London, UK

The British Museum

Opened 27 May 2021

Until 24 Oct 2021

Paula Rego

London, UK

Tate Britain

Opened 7 Jul 2021

Until 24 Oct 2021

Arthur Jafa

Humlebæk, Denmark

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Opened 21 Apr 2021

Until 31 Oct 2021

Operation Night Watch

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Opened 8 Jul 2019

Until 31 Dec 2021

Fragmented Illuminations: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript Cuttings at the V&A

London, UK

Victoria and Albert Museum

Until 8 May 2022

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Bridget Riley, Past into Present

This exhibition principally features work by Bridget Riley from the last two years, with reference to the work of the past, both in her own practice and in the art of painting itself. Over the course of her more than six-decade career, Riley has frequently returned to earlier ideas and even to specific works in order to identify alternative directions that a form could take. As she has noted, ‘I am sometimes asked “What is your objective” and this I cannot truthfully answer. I work “from” something rather than “towards” something. It is a process of discovery.’

Closing soon

London, UK

David Zwirner

Opened 3 Jun 2021

Until 2 Oct 2021

Sophie Barber, How much love can a love bird love, can a love bird love a love bird

Barber’s chosen title came from an innocuous entry in the artist’s internet search history. (Contrary to popular belief, lovebird parrots do not die when separated, although the strength of their connection is heartening.) But in its repetition, the reconstituted tongue twister touches upon the unseen relationship between each of Barber’s subjects. Beneath the oil and the presence, these are paintings about affection, attraction, memory, love; the way in which certain images attach themselves to us – and we to them – for reasons more profound than subject matter alone. ‘To do this’, Barber says of her practice and of painting more broadly, ‘there has to be a level of obsession with an image. You have to be obsessed.’


Closing soon

London, UK

Alison Jacques Gallery

Opened 3 Sep 2021

Until 2 Oct 2021

Marine: Ian Hamilton Finlay

Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006) was an internationally renowned Scottish artist and also Britain’s most significant concrete poet of the 20th century. This major exhibition focuses on the maritime theme in Finlay’s work. It was a central element of his art, and one to which he returned throughout his life.

Closing soon

Edinburgh, UK

City Art Centre

Opened 22 May 2021

Until 3 Oct 2021

Becoming Richard Burton

This exhibition follows the remarkable story of how Richard Jenkins, the boy from Pontrhydyfen and Tai-bach, Port Talbot, became Richard Burton, the international star of stage and screen. The exhibition features Burton’s diaries, papers and personal objects – displayed for the first time – from the Richard Burton Archives held at Swansea University.

Closing soon

Cardiff, UK

National Museum Cardiff

Until 3 Oct 2021

Lynn Hershman-Leeson, Twisted

The first solo museum exhibition in New York by groundbreaking artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson. For over fifty years, Lynn Hershman Leeson has created an innovative and prescient body of work that mines the intersections of technology and the self. Known for her groundbreaking contributions to media art, Hershman Leeson has consistently worked with the latest technologies, from Artificial Intelligence to DNA programming, often anticipating the impact of technological developments on society. The exhibition will bring together a selection of Hershman Leeson’s work in drawing, sculpture, video, and photography, along with interactive and net-based works, focusing on themes of transmutation, identity construction, and the evolution of the cyborg.


Closing soon

New York, USA

New Museum

Opened 30 Jun 2021

Until 3 Oct 2021

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