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Bridget Riley

This extensive exhibition, which takes over both floors of the Royal Scottish Academy, is the first museum survey of Bridget Riley’s work to be held in the UK for 16 years, and the largest exhibition of her work to be shown in Scotland. Spanning over 70 years of work, it focuses on the origins of Riley’s practice and traces pivotal moments across her acclaimed career.

Closing soon
Edinburgh, UK
Scottish National Gallery
Until 22 Sep 2019
Single-Leaf Woodcuts of the 15th Century

The Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München is home to one of the most internationally significant collections of 15th German broadsheets and popular prints. The earliest European woodcuts emerged around 1400. While the process for printing on fabric was already known, it was during this time that pictures were first printed onto a new kind of support: paper. This allowed for compositions to be inexpensively reproduced in large editions. It was only through this that broader circles of the population had access to and could afford their own depictions.

Closing soon
Munich, Germany
Pinakothek der Moderne Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München
Until 22 Sep 2019
Marianne Keating: The Ocean Between

Marianne Keating’s multi-media installations address the hidden histories of the Irish diaspora in the Caribbean by narratively reconstructing this history through its archival traces. Running until 22 September 2019. Free entry.

Closing soon
Cork, Ireland
Crawford Art Gallery
Until 22 Sep 2019
A Nation Reflected: Stories in American Glass

A Nation Reflected: Stories in American Glass explores the myriad ways in which glass expresses the cultural, technological, and artistic aspirations of those who live and work in the United States.

Closing soon
New Haven, USA
Yale University Art Gallery
Until 29 Sep 2019
Appearance Stripped Bare: Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons

Appearance Stripped Bare: Desire and the Object in the Work of Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons, Even: an exhibition explores the ways in which the sculptures and surrealist objects of Koons and Duchamp channel the logic of the commodity.

Closing soon
Mexico City, Mexico
Museo Jumex
Until 29 Sep 2019
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