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Pissarro: Father of Impressionism

Oxford, UK

Ashmolean Museum

Opened 18 Feb 2022

Until 12 Jun 2022


London, UK

The National Gallery

Opened 20 May 2022

Until 31 Jul 2022

Drawing Attention: Emerging British Artists

London, UK

The British Museum

Opened 17 Mar 2022

Until 28 Aug 2022

Radical Landscapes

Liverpool, UK

Tate Liverpool

Opened 5 May 2022

Until 4 Sep 2022

Walter Sickert

London, UK

Tate Britain

Opened 1 May 2022

Until 18 Sep 2022

Rodin's Hands

Philadelphia, USA

The Rodin Museum

Opened 4 Feb 2021

Until 31 Dec 2023

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In transit, our memory fragments

A group exhibition of new works by artists JMCAnderson, Brooke Palmieri, Paula Turmina and Catriona Whiteford. The exhibition, curated in collaboration with Nodes network, considers the transformation of memory as a communal process, informed by encounter and exchange, in constant flux. The exhibition includes the production of ephemera alongside traditional sculptural, painterly, and text-based registers. These articulations of memory resonate through acts of cause and effect, between materials, the audience, and the artists.


Closing soon

London, UK

Chelsea Space

Opened 16 Mar 2022

Until 27 May 2022

Stephen Appleby-Barr, Paintings and Drawings

Dreamy and otherworldly, Stephen Appleby Barr’s work blurs the lines between past and present, male and female, fact and fantasy. His atmospheric images remain tantalizingly ambiguous in every way save their power to excite the imagination. This exhibition unites four oil paintings with a new series of drawings, executed in traditional gall ink on a fine, semi-transparent stone paper. Evoking the mood and subtle shading of old master drawings and etchings, intricate marginalia and annotations give a further insight into the artist's fantastical universe. 


Closing soon

Milan, Italy

Robilant + Voena

Opened 30 Mar 2022

Until 28 May 2022

Caroline Walker, Lisa

The British artist presents a new body of work that traces the daily life of her sister-in-law Lisa as she becomes a mother. Walker’s cinematic paintings and works on paper reveal the diverse experiences of women living in contemporary society. Drawing on photographic source material, her paintings blur the boundary between objective documentary and personal experience. The exhibition explores Lisa’s new responsibilities as a mother through the routines of her domestic life. Walker captures the changes she experiences four weeks before giving birth up until the baby reaches three months old.


Closing soon

London, UK

Stephen Friedman Gallery

Opened 29 Apr 2022

Until 28 May 2022

Art Now: Danielle Dean

A new multi-channel video installation by Danielle Dean. Through a multimedia art practice that spans painting, installation, performance and video, Danielle Dean examines how our minds and bodies are colonised by media and cultural production. Her work questions how we as humans are shaped by commercial narratives and the language and images of advertising.


Closing soon

London, UK

Tate Britain

Opened 5 Feb 2022

Until 28 May 2022

In Focus: Writing for the Camera

This exhibition, drawn largely from the Getty’s collection, explores how various photographers active since the 1970s have represented the connection between photography and writing. Many of these photographs showcase text or include subjects in the act of writing, emphasizing the shared contemplative and performative nature of these mediums. Artists include Laura Aguilar, Shirin Nishat, Allan Sekula, and William Wegman.

Closing soon

Los Angeles, USA

J. Paul Getty Museum

Opened 22 Feb 2022

Until 29 May 2022

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