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Ruth Asawa Through Line

Houston, USA

Menil Drawing Institute

Opened 22 Mar 2023

Until 21 Jul 2024

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time

Edinburgh, UK

Modern (Modern One)

Until 1 Sep 2024

Art Without Heroes: Mingei

London, UK

William Morris Gallery

Opened 23 Mar 2024

Until 22 Sep 2024

Rebecca Horn

Munich, Germany

Haus der Kunst

Opened 26 Apr 2024

Until 13 Oct 2024

Guercino at Waddesdon: King David and the Wise Women

Waddesdon, UK

Waddesdon Manor

Until 27 Oct 2024

Thinking Small: Dutch Art to Scale

Boston, USA

Museum of Fine Arts

Until 3 Nov 2024

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Delcy Morelos

Artist Delcy Morelos is developing a new commission for Dia Chelsea that takes soil, territory, and topography as its points of departure. For her installations, the artist will coat the surfaces of one gallery with dirt and stacked, soil-encrusted objects; in the other, she will build a mountainous earthen form. Morelos’s practice considers the interdependencies between natural and built environments through the framework of Indigenous relations to land. In these works, surface and volume converge through material accumulation and monochromatic expanse. Since 2012, Morelos has been interested in the cosmologies of ancestral Andean and Amazonian cultures, her own and others, focusing particularly on the sustaining powers of water and clay in these origin stories. Her immersive installations aim to cultivate moments of connection with what she describes as the “intimate humidity of the earth.”


Closing soon

New York, USA

Dia Chelsea

Opened 6 Oct 2023

Until 15 Jul 2024

Käthe Kollwitz

In the early decades of the twentieth century, when many artists were experimenting with abstraction, Käthe Kollwitz remained committed to an art of social purpose. Focusing on themes of motherhood, grief and resistance, she brought visibility to the working class and asserted the female point of view as a necessary and powerful agent for change. ‘I have no right to withdraw from the responsibility of being an advocate’, she wrote. ’It is my duty to voice the sufferings of men, the never-ending sufferings heaped mountain-high’. The first major retrospective devoted to Kollwitz at a New York museum, this is also the largest exhibition of her work in the US in more than thirty years.

Closing soon

New York, USA

Museum of Modern Art

Opened 31 Mar 2024

Until 20 Jul 2024

For the curious and interested

Physician and naturalist Sir Hans Sloane left his collection of antiquities, artworks and natural curiosities to the nation on his death, intending for it to be used for the purpose of ‘satisfying the desire of the curious’. This exhibition explores new insights into the founding collection of the British Museum, formed over 250 years ago.

Closing soon

Aberystwyth, UK

Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum

Opened 27 Apr 2024

Until 20 Jul 2024

Camille Claudel

Celebrated for her brilliance during a time when women sculptors were rare, Camille Claudel was among the most daring and visionary artists of the late 19th century. Although she is remembered today for her dramatic life story – her passionate relationship with artist Auguste Rodin and thirty-year internment in a psychiatric institution – her art remains little known outside of France. Including about sixty sculptures, this major exhibition seeks to reevaluate Claudel’s work and affirm her legacy within a more complex genealogy of Modernism.

Closing soon

Los Angeles, USA

J. Paul Getty Museum

Opened 2 Apr 2024

Until 21 Jul 2024

Ruth Asawa Through Line

Ruth Asawa Through Line is the first exhibition to focus on the artist’s lifelong drawing practice. Widely recognised as a sculptor, Ruth Asawa drew daily, referring to the act as her ‘greatest pleasure and the most difficult’. For her, drawing played a foundational role as she experimented with diverse materials and processes to develop a distinct visual language. 

Closing soon

Houston, USA

Menil Drawing Institute

Opened 22 Mar 2023

Until 21 Jul 2024

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